Custom Trade Show Exhibits

Do you need a trade show exhibit that delivers an outstanding visitor experience while offering flexibility and functionality? Are you looking to upgrade the booth you already have? A custom trade show exhibit could be exactly what you need to power up your trade show game.

Upgrade your Trade Show Experience with a Custom Trade Show Exhibit

A great trade show exhibit is about more than the booth itself. It’s also about the experience:

  • Visual impact and first impression – Does the booth look interesting and inviting to people walking by? Does it catch the eye from across the other side of a busy trade show hall?
  • Movement and flow – What is it like to enter and move around the exhibit? How does booth layout and design (down to trade show flooring) enhance attendee experience?
  • The senses – What can visitors see, touch, hear, and even smell or taste as they explore? Sensory experiences in an experiential exhibit makes it more stimulating and engaging.
  • Information – How is it presented? How are products displayed? Are the displays interactive, or just something to look at?

For all these booth design aspects, a custom exhibit gives you more freedom and flexibility. With a custom booth, you can make the choices that impact visitor experience.

What Makes a Custom Trade Show Exhibit Stand Out from Other Options?

Look around any trade show, and you’ll immediately see that exhibits come in many different shapes, sizes, and footprints. But after a short time, you’ll probably notice that while there’s plenty of variety, some booths stand out from the crowd. They’re made from different materials or use original components or configurations you haven’t seen before. They have high-impact graphics or use tech that isn’t common on the trade show floor.

The booths that draw the eye are very often custom trade show exhibits, and they stand out because they’ve been specifically designed that way, unlike some rental exhibits. Custom exhibits are different because:

  • Each design choice is made deliberately to enhance an overall theme and message.
  • They have the opportunity to use materials that are unusual or different in some way, so those booths have more visual impact.
  • Custom colors, shapes, and graphics offer variety, creating even more visual interest.
  • The custom option makes it possible to add features that are tailored to your specific needs. This could mean anything from virtual reality equipment to a fully equipped kitchen for preparing food or beverages.
  • A custom booth can be designed with flexibility in mind, so it can be adapted for different footprints depending on where it’s deployed.
custom trade show exhibit built by ProGlobal Events

Custom Exhibits Deliver Precise Brand Messaging

A trade show exhibit includes many elements. There are construction materials, structure, layout, graphics, lighting, furnishings, and more. These combine to create a visual impression of the booth. And that visual impression is what people associate with your company. With that in mind, a custom trade show exhibit makes good sense because it gives you the most control over your visual image.

With a custom trade show display, each element is a choice you get to make. And this lets you fine-tune your brand messaging so every element of the booth strengthens your message. Whether it’s recycled natural materials that align with your sustainability goals or a streamlined, futuristic look that speaks to your forward-looking ideals, the essence of your brand is incorporated.

Custom Exhibits Are Designed and Built to Meet Your Event Needs and Goals

Another advantage of customization is that it gives you the ability to promote specific trade show goals. Whether you want to highlight a new product, differentiate yourself from competition, or create a strong brand image, your unique choices help you get there. You can even opt to build in customization elements that let you change the booth’s look and layout for different shows and purposes.

Custom Exhibits Allow for Thoughtful and Natural Tech Integration

Whether it’s a spectacular screen display or a virtual reality product demo, tech can have a major impact on the booth experience. But there’s a right way to use technology, and there’s a wrong way.

Adding trade show tech just for the sake of having it—because it’s new, shiny, and popular—doesn’t always make the impression you’re hoping for. Even worse, tech that becomes the highlight of the booth overshadows your product and brand messaging.

But when you add technology thoughtfully, it can turn an ordinary trade show exhibit into a stellar experience. Technology is most effective when it enhances or highlights a product. A custom trade show display gives you the flexibility to use tech in this way. In a custom booth, you can integrate tech in ways that look natural and are intuitive to use. This ensures your product or service is the main highlight of the attendee experience.

custom trade show exhibits example

Custom Exhibits Offer Improved Flexibility and Functionality

Need a trade show display you can modify to fit different footprints and booth sizes? Or do you need a multipurpose exhibit you can use for meetings, product demos, and other functions?

With prefabricated booths, it’s often difficult to make alterations. A prefab island exhibit or renal display can’t necessarily be configured into a different footprint. But if it’s a custom island, then you can build flexibility into the design. Your island can become an inline display when you need to fit into a smaller space.

The beauty of a custom trade show exhibit solution is that it can become whatever you need it to be. Whether you need a design that can fit different footprints or a multipurpose booth, a custom display fits the bill.

Is a Custom Trade Show Booth the Right Choice for Your Company?

Trade show booths offer plenty of variety. You can opt for a rental exhibit or purchase modular components with the specific features you need. Within those categories, there are lots of choices to make in terms of size, shape, color, and construction materials. But if you want even more out of your trade show booth, then a custom design is your best option.

Not every company needs a custom booth. If you don’t attend many shows or don’t attend any big shows, it may not make sense to go custom. But if any of the following are true for your company, a custom exhibit could be a good choice:

  • You attend a lot of trade shows, including medium and larger shows where competition is fierce.
  • You want a booth that accurately represents your brand and shows off your products.
  • You want to make unusual design choices that add to the visual impact of your exhibit.
  • You have unusual tech or display requirements, and standard booth options don’t fit the bill.

The custom option has some major advantages, but it does come with a higher price tag. For a small portable booth, you’re looking at a cost of $50 to $125 per square foot. For a modular exhibit, it’s around $75 to $225 per square foot. A custom trade show booth typically costs $125 to $325 per square foot—and can go higher if your budget allows for it.

It’s also important to consider what happens after a trade show is over. Like many companies, you may not have the space to store a custom exhibit on-site. And, to keep the booth in good condition, it should be stored away from excessive moisture and temperature extremes. That requirement can make it difficult to find a suitable storage location. ProGlobalEvents can help with this: We offer storage and shipping services, so your trade show display is safely stored when not in use. When it’s time to exhibit, we take it out of storage and ship it to where it needs to be.

Why Choose ProGlobalEvents to Design Your Custom Trade Show Exhibit Experience?

Events may be our specialty, but they aren’t all we do. Our expertise and experience with event management makes us a great fit for a wide range of related projects. Along with events and trade show design, our successful projects include:

  • Brand activations
  • Product launches and demos
  • Mobile exhibits and portable displays
  • Custom trade show exhibits and experiences

ProGlobalEvents is an industry leader in experiential booth design. We create engaging, impactful, customized trade show booth experiences that get results. And thanks to our affiliation with ProExhibits—Northern California’s largest fully integrated booth design and build company—we’re able to offer our clients a full range of exhibit services. From design and manufacture to experiential design, to storage, and both national and international shipping. When we say we do it all, we really mean it!

As a leading exhibit design and build company, ProExhibits has been in the business for over 30 years. With access to that wealth of talent, experience, and expertise, ProGlobalEvents can offer:

  • An award-winning design team and an EPDA RFP-certified exhibit facility – ProExhibits is consistently on Event Marketer’s Fab 50 list and EXHIBITOR Magazine’s Top 40 list.
  • Extensive in-house exhibit manufacturing and custom graphic fabrication at the ProExhibits facility in Silicon Valley – Including 65,000 square feet of production and showroom space and 50,000 square feet of warehouse space
  • Exhibit design and manufacturing for trade show exhibits as well as mobile exhibits, portable display options, product demonstrations, and brand experiences
  • Stunning state-of-the-art custom trade show exhibits, including unconventional and non-standard sizes and footprints
  • Additional options like custom exhibit rentals, sustainable exhibits, and custom modular exhibits
  • High-impact custom graphics, professionally designed and manufactured in-house

For Custom Trade Show Exhibits That Get the Results You Want, Choose ProGlobalEvents

When trade shows are a key part of your business model, it pays to invest in both your exhibit and in the experiences you provide in that exhibit. So it makes good sense to work with a company that can provide both services. ProGlobalEvents is the obvious choice. Our booth design process, exhibit manufacture, and experiential services allow you to offer visitors a cohesive, engaging, and impactful trade show booth experience.

World Class Custom Trade Show Exhibits, Booths & Displays

ProExhibits has award winning designers and extensive production capabilities to build stunning custom exhibits.  Our experienced team listens carefully to your goals and specifications. Then we create a premier custom trade show exhibit that perfectly exemplifies your brand and strategy. We make sure your design will communicate, motivate, and deliver the results you expect.

Why Hire ProExhibits as Your Custom Exhibit Partner?

Our 65,000 sq ft. headquarters includes a showroom, manufacturing with in-house printing and graphics, and a separate 50,000 square foot warehouse storage facility.  Our investment offers you unique logistics advantages plus rapid shipping to the West Coast, North America, and the world.

  • Made In California. ProExhibits fabricates and prints your custom trade show exhibit in our world-class production facility in the Silicon Valley. It’s easy for you to precisely monitor and control every project. You can actually watch our progress on your project right at our  facility.
  • Thorough. Every exhibit undergoes a thorough examination prior to shipment. We make sure your trade show exhibit is in perfect working order when it arrives at its destination.
  • Fast. Our unmatched next day shipping and local storage means savings for West Coast locations, including all major California and Las Vegas convention centers.
  • Certified.ProExhibits is one of the few companies to achieve the industry association’s EPDA RFP certification indicating the highest standards for integrity, capability and business practices. In addition ProExhibits is a proud member of the OSPI (Octanorm Service Partner International) Network.
  • Recognized. We are a consistent winner of Top 50 Best Exhibit Fabricators (Event Marketer & Event Design).

For over 30 years, our expert trade show services team has been providing unmatched customer service and satisfaction. We’re on call and ready to serve you 24/7.

Award Winning Custom Trade Show Exhibits

ProExhibits’ state-of-the-art facilities is staffed by some of the world’s finest craftsmen to design and manufacture award winning exhibits for purchase, rent, or lease for trade shows, events, and conventions.

Green Exhibits

We are committed to providing a wide range of the most environmentally friendly custom trade show booths using sustainable materials, energy saving lighting, and smart design.

International Exhibits

With decades of experience working in international conventions and trade shows, our team understands the nuances of different cultures and practices. We design custom exhibits to meet your international needs, coordinate with local manufacturing companies to eliminate overseas shipping costs, and provide stress-free management and staffing of every detail.

Modular Exhibits

We’re highly experienced in creating stunning reconfigurable modular trade show booths for clients who need to control costs. Interchangeable components constructed with superior lightweight materials means ProExhibits’ modular displays are adaptable for use at trade shows anywhere – so you can make an impact while saving big on manufacturing, assembly, shipping and handling for years.

Check out the unique modular exhibit options ProExhibits can offer! View Options

Portable Displays

ProExhibits has been designing and manufacturing distinctive portable displays for over 30 years. We understand that many businesses need top quality displays that are durable, easily set up, and lightweight enough for staff to transport. Our portable displays feature sturdy frames, custom graphics, and are easily adapted or converted into multiple configurations – all on time and under budget.

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Jack Connolly

Executive Creative Director

As an experiential creative director, Jack prefers to draw outside the lines. He tells stories with original content and impactful design to ignite meaningful conversation.


Jack brings 20 years of event industry knowledge to ProGlobalEvents. He specializes in building live & virtual platforms for audiences to connect, engage and immerse themselves in the power of a shared experience. His skills range from ideation and concept development to defining an attendee journey through storytelling and design.

Jack understands the creative process is not linear, but a collaborative process between agency and client. He manages teams of designers and technology developers to pioneer impactful brand experiences. His diverse skillset and leadership ensure for award-winning results and memorable impressions.


In 2019, BizBash named Jack one of the top event designers in North America. SXSW awarded his work the “People’s Choice in Innovation” in 2021.

Jerome Nadel

Chief Marketing Officer

Jerome Nadel is Internationally experienced design-led marketing executive (CMO and GM) with a track record of improved market position, revenue growth, and M&A. He is an advance degreed psychologist and user experience product/service design expert, board member and advisor.


Prior to joining ProGlobalEvents |ProExhibits |XtendLive, he has had a variety of chief marketing officer and chief user experience officer roles at companies including Rambus, BrainChip, Human Factors International, SLP InfoWare, Gemplus, and Sagem. He started his career in the IBM Human Factors Labs.


He is also an avid cyclist with National and multiple California State Champion titles.

Ivan Fujihara

Chief Financial Officer

Ivan brings 25+ years in senior level management experience from a variety of technology industries.  His background includes accounting management, analytics and audit management for technology companies.  He has worked with companies such as THX, Ltd, Recruitology , Double Click, Creative Labs and more.  Ivan has also served on the board of Lincoln Families, a non-profit that supports East Bay children with the objective of disrupting the cycle of trauma and poverty.

Matt Rulis

Vice President of Sales

Matt is a marketing professional and has been managing marketing strategies, campaigns and environments for a diverse client base for over 15 years. From a service perspective, Matt and his team of Account Executives focus on fostering relationships to uphold a greater than 99% customer satisfaction rating year-over-year. Additionally, with extensive experience on the client-side of the industry, he understands that alignment between expectation and budget is paramount to a successful project. As a result, ProGlobalEvents' clients can expect a competitive advantage paired with top quality products and services. Matt is an avid fly-fisherman, enjoys most outdoor activities and is a true college football fanatic.

Tom Foley

VP of Operations

Heading the fabrication side of ProGlobalEvents is exhibit and event industry veteran, Tom Foley. For over 35 years he has been responsible for building amazing exhibits and environments for clients. Tom started out in the production area and has broad experience in project and operations management. He currently oversees production, warehouse, graphics and project management departments. Tom studied machine tool technology and welding before entering the industry. As a true "builder" he also enjoys restoring and modifying classic American cars.

Dick Wheeler


Dick serves as President of ProGlobalEvents and President of ProExhibits and is a board member of CEMA (Corporate Event Marketing Association). At ProExhibits he has been nationally recognized as an innovator and driving force in the fast-growing trade show exhibit and event industry. Under his leadership in 1997, the firm received INC magazine’s INC 500 award as one of America’s fastest-growing companies. His informative articles on developments and innovations in the trade show exhibit and event industry have appeared in national trade publications. Dick has a B.S. degree from Wittemore School of Business & Economics at the University of New Hampshire and has completed the Entrepreneurial Executive Leadership Program sponsored by MIT, YEO and INC. He is actively involved in Vistage, an interactive group of over 20,000 CEO’s and presidents worldwide and is a member of CEMA and EDPA.

Jody Tatro

Chief Executive Officer

In addition to being CEO of ProGlobalEvents, Jody is also the CEO of ProExhibits. With Jody at the helm, the company has been recognized repeatedly as one of the Top 50 Women Owned Businesses in Silicon Valley. She has set the outstanding client service standards for which the firm’s account management team is noted. Jody is a recipient of the YWCA’s Tribute to Women Award, the Junior League Community Volunteer Award and is listed in Who’s Who of Women in Business. Following her graduation from California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, Jody held various sales positions in several technology companies.